Director’s Statement

Why do we believe in conspiracy theories? Is it a need to assign connectivity and meaning to even the most random of events? Are fears of secret societies and globalization agendas a broader projection of more mainstream collusions and corruption scandals? At its root, is it simply that we distrust one other?

Whether it’s the JFK assassination, the attacks of 9/11, or the recent meteorite crash in Russia, a common element to many conspiracy theories is the use of disinformation to deceive the public from the true nature of such events. With Trust my starting point was to wonder about disinformation as a product. That the true conspiracy was to keep people believing in conspiracies, and that the profit gained from the perpetuation of doubt and distrust was a profit worth protecting at all costs.

Another starting point for the film was the conventional wisdom that the more complex a conspiracy, the more likely someone involved reveals it. In Trust I wanted to show how dispensable agents of deception can become and how easily they can be turned on each other. And when that does happens, that the only people left to trust are those who wanted to expose the conspiracy all along.

My approach to the film was to capture the physical and psychological claustrophobia felt by conspirators, victims and whistleblowers. At the same time, I wanted the conflicts to be accessible and credible, without the melodrama that can often accompany conspiracy-driven stories. I was very fortunate to have a cast and crew that made all of this possible, resulting in a short that we all can take pride in.


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