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Another festival!

Trust has been officially selected to theĀ International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts – Los Angeles.

Rejections V: Aww, shoot.

For Austin, we’re out of the running. However, they get props for sending an official letter of rejection. Old school, Austin. Old school.

Rejections IV: A New Nope

We won’t at be phenominated at Phenom. Nor-egon at Oregon. Jersey City shut its Golden Door to us. Seattle Shorts rained on our parade. Savannah said “Nah”. We didn’t make the cut for Action Cut. And we won’t take part at Genart.

Festival time!

Trust has been officially selected to the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. You can follow the link for more information about screening dates and times for Trust, as well as all the other films that will be showing throughout the festival. So, please come out and lend your support to the filmmakers, actors, … Continue reading

Rejections 3: Continental Drift

New York No Limits clearly has some limits, we won’t be the toast of Blue Whiskey, we came up short for Palm Springs ShortFest, it was the same old story for NewFilmmakers New York, and we won’t be enjoying shrimp from the barbie in Melbourne.

Our first screening

Many thanks to Laura Ritchie and the Carrack Modern Art Gallery in Durham for hosting our very first screening of Trust.

Rejections, Part Deux

We won’t be playing in Pittsburgh. Nor lighting up the screen at Lighthouse. And we didn’t have enough kah-boom to make it at KahBang.

We’ve been…rejected.

We received our first rejection, from Be Film The Underground Film Festival in New York. Perhaps we filmed too many scenes above ground.

Trailer is up

The new teaser trailer for Trust is up. Just go to the new Trailer page of this site to view it. Thanks.


Greetings and thanks for visiting the website of my short filmĀ Trust. Here you can find information about the film and about those involved in making it happen. I will be updating this site with news about the film as we begin the process of submitting it to festivals, so please be sure to stay tuned … Continue reading