About the Director


Paul Sapp was born in Los Angeles but grew up in northeastern New Jersey, a reasonably  priced bus ride away from New York City. He was active in music and theater throughout his childhood, and his first attempt at film — a short video shot his Senior year of high school — was most memorable for drawing the attention of numerous area police officers. Details upon request.

Paul graduated from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD and was active in the local theater scene before returning to the New York-New Jersey area. Paul has worked as a marketing & advertising copywriter, a technical writer, and as an executive assistant at Miramax Films. He wrote and directed the short film Last Weekend, as well as numerous corporate videos for LF USA. Before leaving the area in 2010 Paul’s play Magnitude of the Slope was produced in New York City by Collective Hole Productions.

Paul currently lives in Durham, NC with his wife and daughter. He continues to work as a freelance copywriter, including a comedic promotional video he wrote and directed for Durham’s own LocopopsTrust is Paul’s first personal production in the Triangle area. He is humbled by and grateful for all the hard work of the cast and crew.

Photo © Nick Graetz 2012




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